IoT Access Packages

Easily integrate and manage your IoT devices and data. We provide all bits that are needed to connect your devices to your application.

Our managed IoT access packages include NB-IoT/LTE-M/LoRa access management, platform integrations, device payload converters and message brokers. We support all popular protocols and cloud integrations: HTTP, CoAP, UDP, MQTT, RabbitMQ, OPC-UA, Thingpark, AWS, IBM-Watson, Azure, Pub/Sub, Kafka, Korto, and others.

Managed network access packages monthly pricing excl. VAT:

                                                         1 connection   10 connections   100 connections   300 connections

NB-IoT primer                                free                    13.60                   123.75                   356.25

LoRa/Helium primer                     free                      3.00                     €20.00                      45.00

LoRa LTE-M backhaul                   ask?